Womens Big Bash League 2021 -   Challenger |  ADSW  vs  MLRW
ADSW vs MLRW Challenger,
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20.0 83-8
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Adelaide Strikers Women won by 9 wickets
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Adelaide Strikers Women won by 9 wickets
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CRR : 7.94
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That's a wrap to the proceedings. Two one-sided games back-to-back in Adelaide but the home side won't complain one bit. They are through to the finals. So, the final is set. After 58 games of heart and soul of all the teams, it's going to be the Perth Scorchers up against the Adelaide Strikers live on Saturday at the Optus Stadium in Perth. We hope that match will be a close one and not as one-sided as the two matches back-to-back in Adelaide. Do join us for the final on Saturday and switch tabs to follow loads of cricket happening on our network whether international or domestic. Stay tuned to our network. 

This is me Ayan Chatterjee signing off on behalf of my co-commentators Ajay Ahire,Rishabh Gandhi and Scorer Manish Bishnoi. Till Next Time, It's Goodbye. Stay safe, happy, and cool. We will catch up with you soon. TA-TA.
Darcie Brown (Player of the Match):-  I just tried to pitch it up a bit, Schutt set the tone with the first ball for us, it felt good. Was good to play again after yesterday and end up on the winning note. I have been trying to use the short ball well, soo isolated the bouncer and tried the variations. Haven't played out there at the Furnace (Perth Stadium), but it looks imposing when playing the WNCL. Hoping for a good show in tomorrow's match as well.
Darcie Brown has been adjudged the Player of the Match for her excellent figures of 2-9 in 4 overs a Player of the Match type performance. 
If last night was comprehensive for the Adelaide Strikers, this one is even better. A 9-wicket win with 55 balls to spare as Tahlia McGrath's Adelaide Strikers storm into the final to face the Perth Scorchers on Saturday at the Optus Stadium in Perth. Katie Mack like last night hitting the winning runs with a boundary remaining not out on 32. 

The bowlers like last night set up the match for the Strikers as the Renegades were listless in their 83-8. Megan Schutt started it off with a wicket of the first ball getting rid of Dooley and thereafter the Renegades never got going. Rodrigues, Kaur all fell like a pack of cards and they barely managed to bat 20 overs but were 17 short of triple figures. The match was sealed by half-time. Darcie Brown was the pick of the bowlers with 2-9 in 4 overs.

In the chase, It was Van Niekerk's 43, and an unbeaten knock of 31 from Katie Mack who is yet to be dismissed for a while gets the job done in 10.5 overs. A win by 9 wickets for the Strikers while Renegades bowlers had nothing to defend to be fair to them. The Team in Red missed their skipper Sophie Molineux with the bat owing to a toe injury. She bowled though but was half-fit and far from her best. So, Strikers win this.

Stick around to find out who won the Player of the Match award. 

10.5 Donnell to K Mack
4 Four!! And Mack finishes the things here with a style. Fuller length delivery outside the off as Mack reaches for it and smashes that past the cover fielder for a four and they are into the Finals here. They beat Renegades here by 9 wickets.
10.4 Donnell to L Wolvaardt
3 A couple of runs here from Wolvaaardt. Fuller length outside the off as she drives it towards the cover and beats her as it goes towards the fence and collects three runs here.
10.3 Donnell to K Mack
1 Fuller length here on the off as Mack smashes that one towards the deep midwicket for a single.
10.2 Donnell to L Wolvaardt
1 Good length this time outside the off as Wolvaardt opens the face of the abt and guides it towards the point for a single.
10.1 Donnell to L Wolvaardt
4 Four!! Nice way to begin the over. Back of length here outside the off as Wolvaardt stands tall and smashes that one past the point fielder for a four here.
Drinks here at the Adelaide Oval. The formalities remain to be completed here. Strikers are 73-1 after 10 overs chasing 84 for a place in the finals. 11 more are required for the Scorchers vs Strikers final to become official. Niekerk got out for 43. Mack is still and would want to be there when victory is achieved. 
Carly Leeson
Katie Mack
Laura Wolvaardt
9.6 C Leeson to L Wolvaardt
1 Wolvaardt is off the mark here. Fuller length outside the off as she drives it towards the deep cover for a single. a wicket and 5 runs from the over.
9.5 C Leeson to L Wolvaardt
0 Good length here outside the off as Wolvaardt times it towards the cover, no run.
9.4 C Leeson to L Wolvaardt
0 Wolvaardt is on the crease now. Good length outside the off as Wolavaardt misses the drive to the keeper.

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c H Kaur b C Leeson

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9.3 C Leeson to Niekerk
W Wicket!!! Niekerk departs here. Fuller length outside the off as Niekerk goes for the uppish drive but couldn't get that over Mid on and Harman takes an easy catch their. she goes for 43 here.
9.2 C Leeson to Niekerk
4 Four!! Short of a length on the off as Niekerk goes on back foot and smashes that one over the bowler's head for a four here.
9.1 C Leeson to Niekerk
0 Good length here on the off from Lesson to start as Niekerk times it towards the cover.
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Darcie Brown

Darcie Brown

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