Abu Dhabi T10 League 2021 -   Qualifier 2 |  NW  vs  AD
NW vs AD Qualifier 2, T10 League 2021
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10.0 114-7
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Northern Warriors won by 7 wickets
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Northern Warriors won by 7 wickets
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CRR : 11.90
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So, the Warriors joins the Bulls into the finals. Do join us in our coverage of the last day of the T10 League. It is time to take your leave. It was me, Arjun Bhalla with my co-commentator Arijit Kundu. It was a real pleasure presenting you all with the ball by ball commentary of this game. Good night!
Fabian Allen is awarded the Player of the Match Award for the best figure of the tournament of 4 for 13 in his two overs!
Arjun: What a nail-biter, the game has been!! The Warriors lost both the in-form batters Waseem and Pooran within the third over and the chasing team were under the pump till the end of the fifth over but then came the duo of Lendl Simmons and Rovman Powell to the rescue!! The duo and their partnership literally changed the face of the game! They shared a 76-run stand and helped their side in the chase!! Powell fell in the second last over but Simmons finished off the game and KNOCKED OUT the home team out of the league!!!
Arjun: The Home Team did post a mammoth total and they were at the top till the halfway in this chase but the partnership between Simmons and Powell has helped them to find their way into the FINALE AGAINST THE DELHI BULLS!!
9.5 Tom Helm to Lendl Simmons
WD Wide, full-length slower ball, the batter goes across but the ball is going down with the angle. Simmons lets the ball go to the keeper and they run to steal a run as well, the keeper dislodges the bails but it does not matter, THE WARRIORS HAVE WIN THE GAME BY 7 WICKETS AND THEY WILL BE PLAYING THE FINALE AGAINST THE BULLS!!!
9.4 Tom Helm to Lendl Simmons
6 MAXIMUM!!! Lendl Simmons runs across and powers the ball over deep mid wicket!!!! Length ball at off and the batter was waiting deep in the case for the ball!!!! The scores are level!!!!
9.3 Tom Helm to Lendl Simmons
0 Dot!! Yorker ball outside off and the baller misses Simmons' nudge
9.2 Tom Helm to Lendl Simmons
2 Brace more!!! Length ball on the off stump, Simmons swings hard at it and inside-halves it towards deep mid-wicket for a couple of runs. Good work by McCoy on the fence!
9.1 Tom Helm to Lendl Simmons
6 MAXIMUM!!! Slower ball at length outside off and Lendl Simmons goes across and dispatches from deep of the crease over deep mid wicket!! DISPATCHED to DUBAI!!
9.1 Tom Helm to Lendl Simmons
WD Wide, Simmons runs down the pitch and looks to glance but the ball rolls down the leg
Obed McCoy
OVER 9.0
Lendl Simmons
Rovman Powell

R Powell


b Obed McCoy

  • 6s/


  • 4s


  • SR


8.6 Obed McCoy to Rovman Powell
W WICKET!!!! Full ball outside off and Powell goes to play from his stance and the batter drags the ball into the woods!!! HUGE HUGE TURNAROUND in the second qualifier!!! The game has again turned and the home team are favorites now!!!
8.5 Obed McCoy to Rovman Powell
2 Full ball on the off stump, Powell slams that down the ground. Stirling at long off loses his footing and allows the batsmen to returned for the second
8.4 Obed McCoy to Rovman Powell
6 MAXIMUM!!! Off-pace short of length ball, Powell clears his front leg and absolutely hammers that back over the bowler's head for a huge maximum
8.4 Obed McCoy to Rovman Powell
2nb NOBALL!!!! High full toss, Powell looks to upper cut it but sends it high into the night sky. The fielder at short third man takes the catch but they take a brace
8.3 Obed McCoy to Lendl Simmons
1 DROPPED!!! Short ball, Simmons pulls straight to deep square leg and Kushal Malla drops a dolly!!! They steal a run
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