England vs Pakistan 2020: Inzamam ul Haq blasts visitors for defensive approach

Aug 15, 8:48:53 AM

Photo Courtesy: Twitter/PakPassion.net
Photo Courtesy: Twitter/PakPassion.net

Former Pakistan captain and batting stalwart Inzamam ul Haq has lambasted the Pakistan batting line up for not playing their shots in England. Speaking on his YouTube channel he said that the if one was to look back at their dismissals in the first innings of the second Test match, it would be apparent that the batsman were scared to play their shots.

"..their bat was behind their leg. When you meet the ball, your bat should be ahead of your leg. You are getting caught at slips because you are employing a defensive approach,”

Inzamam stated.

The batting approach of the Pakistan players was discussed several times by the commentary team who are covering the match, who brought up Younis Khan's final tour of England time and again to explain what the players need to do to be effective in rain marred seaming conditions.

Acknowledging that these are difficult conditions to play in experts lauded Mohammad Rizwan's grit on the second day and said that biding time is the only way to save their wicket. However, Inzamam would have non of that and urged the team management to play aggressive cricket.

“I request the batsmen and team management to play aggressive cricket, in order to beat England. Otherwise, we will be depending on rain to save us in this Test,” he said.

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