Watch: Ashraful replies to Bangladesh selector after being termed ‘traitor & fixer’ on Live TV

Abhishek Singh

Abhishek Singh

Author| Jan 3, 1:11 PM

PC- Twitter
PC- Twitter

Former Bangladesh captain Mohammad Ashraful was branded as a traitor and match-fixer on Live TV by current Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) chief selector Minhazul Abedin Nannu. Replying to that Ashraful said that he was really hurt by the comments from his former teammate. 

Speaking on Facebook Live, Ashraful said, “I gave an interview to Jamuna TV and talked about selection panel. I spoke only about the post of the chief selector and did not name anybody. However, I heard on the same channel Live that Nannu Bhai ( Minhazul Abedin Nannu) started his argument by naming me and calling me a traitor and match-fixer. I felt very sad about the whole incident."

Watch Ashraful's Facebook Live video here

In the whole 19 minutes Live video, Ashraful, who has played 261 matches for Bangladesh in his 12-year long career, came to a halt in 2013 after him being found guilty of breaching the code of ethics in the Bangladesh Premier League, went on to defend his statement. He also said that he has the utmost respect for Nannu under whom he made his Dhaka Premier League debut 22 years ago. 

However, after his five-year ban ended, Ashraful made a comeback in domestic cricket and has been playing continuously for Barishal Division and East Zone. 

Nannu had said, “No good advice could be expected from the players who were suspended for match-fixing due to treason”. “Ashraful was just saying that the selectors would be there from one World Cup to the another. So will Bangladesh only play T20 World Cup or will it play the 50 overs World Cup? Or play Test cricket? So will there be separate selectors for T20, ODI and Test?” he had asked further. 

Ashraful in his first interview with Jamuna TV, because of which this whole episode developed, had said, “Those who are on the selection panel – we are supposed to taste the benefits of their talents within 3-4 years. However, if the same person continues to do the same thing for 11 years, we will be stuck in one place.”

Nannu has remained on his post even after his tenure having lapsed already.

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