PCB’s new parental support policy allows 12 months paid leave, guaranteed contract renewal for women cricketers

Abhishek Singh

Abhishek Singh

Author| May 4, 5:37 PM

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The Pakistan Cricket Board introduced a new parental policy to pioneer women cricket in the country. With the implementation of the policy, the women cricketers will be allowed to get 12 months of childbirth leave and renewal of the contract for the next year to reintegrate the mother into cricket. 

The policy also offers one month lead for the men contracted cricketers which must be available within the 56 days of the birth of their child. The case of Bismah Maroof, Pakistan Women’s team former captain taking an indefinite break from cricket to prepare for motherhood, seems to have been the inspiration behind this policy. 

"The PCB has a duty of care towards its cricketers and, at every turn, it has taken measures to support them," Wasim Khan, the PCB chief executive officer said in a statement released by the board. 

Wasim reinstated that PCB wanted its players to commit fully to cricket and the nation and for that to happen, supporting the players mentally and financially was also important. 

"In this relation, it is appropriate that we have a player-friendly parental support policy so that our professional cricketers can feel fully supported during an important stage in their lives, without worrying about their careers,” he said. 

Stressing upon the fact that it was very much necessary to support women cricketers, Wasim said, "To have this policy for our women cricketers was even more significant. Women play a pivotal role in the development of society and our women cricketers have brought us laurels and recognition on the world stage. 

Now that we have a maternity leave policy, I am hopeful that it will attract more women and girls to take up the sport as this will help them strike a crucial work-life balance."

The policy also states that if a woman player is required to travel for cricketing activities, the PCB will support the player by allowing her to travel with a support person of her choice to assist in caring for her infant child, with the travel and accommodation costs to be shared equally.

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