PCB offers retainers domestic to 191 cricketers, top category players to earn up to 5 Million PKR

Abhishek Singh

Abhishek Singh

Author| Sep 15, 1:06 PM

PC- Twitter
PC- Twitter

Pakistan Cricket Board has decided to raise the retainers fee of its domestic cricketers and has thereby offered central contracts to 191 domestic players divided into five categories, with the top category players earning as much as 5 Million Pakistani Rupees if they play all the matches of the upcoming domestic season starting from September 15. 

“The cricket board confirmed the list of 191 players who will be offered the enhanced packages for the 157-match six senior men’s events from 15 September to 30 March,” PCB said in a release.  “As such, a Category A+ player, featuring in all matches, can earn up to PKR5million,” it added. 

The new retainer has increased all the pay slabs by PKR 1 Lakh on the suggestions of the new PCB chief Ramiz Raja. 

According to the new retainer list, the 10 players in the A+ category of the list will receive a monthly retainer of PKR250,000 each, followed by PKR185,000 each for the 40 cricketers in Category A, PKR175,000 each for 40 players in Category B, PKR165,000 each for the 64 players in Category C and PKR140,000 each for the 37 players in category D.

It is important to note that the retainers are in addition to the match fees, daily allowances, share in prize money and PCB-arranged lodging, boarding and travelling fee that they already receive. 

PCB Chairman Ramiz Raja, while speaking on this major change said, “It is extremely important that our domestic cricketers are paid well-enough so they continue to focus on upgrading their skills and fitness levels without worrying about how they have to take care of their families, loved ones and careers.” 

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