Watch | Hobart Hurricanes miss three runout chances in one ball

Kingshuk Kusari

Kingshuk Kusari

Author| Jan 13, 8:56 AM

Twitter/Big Bash League
Twitter/Big Bash League

The Big Bash League known for its quirky style of play brought up another bizarre situation on Thursday, 13 January.

In a league match between Hobart Hurricanes and Sydney Thunder, a comedy of errors ensued, when in the second innings of the game, Hobart attempted three run-outs in one single ball.

 In the first ball of the power surge over, Baxter Holt played a soft push to mid on. While he was not sure about the run, his partner Nathan McAndrew seemed convinced and went for a full blown sprint. This prompted Holt into taking the run and he knew himself that he was miles out if the ball had hit the non striker’s stumps.

After the first missed chance, the ball was collected by Riley Meredith and he took a shy at the batter’s end, but ended up missing from a 10-yard distance. 

With no one to back up, the batsmen in the middle found it best to run another additional run, but ended up misjudging the depth of the fielder. 

Holt was forced to rush back to his orginal position and would have definitely been out if the ball had hit the stumps directly.

Here’s the full video of the incident

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